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Home of the Buying Power Portal

Tailored to the hospitality, leisure and restaurant industry. We contract with over 500 leading manufacturers and distributors across the U.S. to provide food and non-food purchasing programs.

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Save time

Brass Ring makes the process of online purchasing and inventory management easier.

Save Money

We give you one place to efficiently search and indentify manufacturers, products and services and find the best pricing.

Work Smarter

The tools you need to analyze your food and beverage purchasing and inventory. Get automatic updates on industry news and alerts.

Take Control

We offer enterprise-level tools for 24-hour secure and reliable ordering, tracking and payment authorization.

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Secure Online Purchasing

Shop more efficiently through BR Purchasing's exclusive members only portal

Generate Purchase Orders

Generate purchase orders based on forcasted sales or par stock

Lower Transaction Costs

Enjoy a lower cost of goods due to comparative competitive shopping and aggregated purchases


Speciality products can be built to order or presentations to a restaurant via profiling can enhance appeal and customer relationship management (CRM).

Who we are

BR Purchasing is a procurement services organization (PSO)

We have experienced leadership in the hospitality, leisure and restaurant channels purchasing services, delivering savings and cash flow improvement to our clients…

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How We Think

Saving You Money Is The Only way We make Money

We strive to deliver exceptional value, service and supply chain efficiencies through a customized procurement services program designed for each member with low risk and high reward to the bottom line. Find out more about how we think.

What We Offer

Available programs

POS Reporting


EFT Payment

Online Purchasing

Inventory and ordering

Invoices From Vendors

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our work inspires smiles

BR Purchasing didn't just happen. We built it.

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Meet Our Partners

They Believe In Us

We contract with over 500 manufacturers and distributors

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Home of the Buying Power Portal

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