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How We Think

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BR Purchasing makes it easy for our clients to customize the unique program they need to achieve savings through strategic purchasing. We don’t see this process as being supported by faceless vendors, blindly responding to inquiries.

This process is a living, breathing organism with complex inter-relationships and connectivity. We understand and appreciate each aspect of it. We know how each element in the supply chain works, and how they interact with each other.

We focus on nurturing strategic partnerships with our suppliers throughout the entire product life cycle to deliver maximum value to our members, and sustained business to our suppliers.

Our Thinking Method

Our Philosophy​

We believe that our earnings should be tied directly to your ability to save.

BR Purchasing does not charge monthly fees, transaction fees or any percent of sales fees. Our prime source of income is through a “shared savings” model. Therefore, we have a shared interest in driving the best value to you.

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27 data elements requested information

Data management


-BR Purchasing has solid relationships with over 650 distributors across the U.S. and Canada.

-We process 8 million records and $650 million a month in data.

Our key responsibilities

-Distributor Communication

-Track and manage over 500 manufacturer deals

-House more than 540,000 unique master catalog items. Database includes linkage info and more than 2 million unique supplier items

We accept data in 3 major formats


Flat File – aka “Exhibit C”

Excel spreadsheet

Account management

Laison between member and distribution/service.

Customized Programs

We offer customized rebate and allowance programs with no change to current processes. Three-month business reviews are designed to track our program’s success. We track collections on all programs and provide you with detailed reports. You have the choice of programs at all levels.

Coordinate the on-boarding process for new members.

Analyze members spend opportunities

We focus on developing, presenting and implementing your specific strategies to penetrate purchases and drive revenue for your company.

Ongoing key account management.

We create customer performance reports (AD HOC)/compliance reporting dashboard, purchase tracking, preferred distributor, preferred Item, information on new programs, and track collections on your non-member programs.

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