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Who We Are

Who we are

BR Purchasing is a procurement
services organization (PSO)

We have experienced leadership in the hospitality, leisure and restaurant channels purchasing services, delivering savings and cash flow improvement to our clients.


Our portfolio of products, innovative services and strong relationships with clients, vendors and manufacturers differentiates us from the competition. We are a Purchasing Solutions Company, not a GPO. We utilize several procurement companies and our own contracts to get you the best price and highest returns in the industry. We are not tied to any one manufacturer or distributor. We work with all of them to customize your program around your customers and business needs.


BR Purchasing is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Hospitality And Leisure

BR Purchasing has partners in the food and beverages distribution, telecommunications, golf agronomy and proshop supply sectors. We can help you streamline your business and reduce costs so you can focus on your guests.


BR Purchasing has partners in the restaurant supply sectors. We help you streamline your business and reduce costs so you can focus on your guests.

Amusement Park Concessions

BR Purchasing provides supplies for amusement park concessions, through our extensive network of partners. We can assist in streamlining the process and reducing your costs.

We contract with over 500 manufacturers and distributors

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